Design Map

Our Basic Moccasin

With so many design options available, we have found the best way to make decisions about your moccasins is to follow this easy process.

1.How tall do I want my moccasins?
2.What kind of leather do I want?
3.What style of trim do I want?
4.What type of top treatment do I want?
5.What colors do I want?
6.What kind of buttons do I want?
7.What kind of soles do I want?

Our basic moccasin, shown here, is a bullhide or buffalo moccasin with straight trim, straight tabs and a straight heel. We use british half or one penny buttons and our polyurethane sole and it's available in any color and is priced according to height.

For a diagram of the anatomy of a moccasin click here.

American Buffalo Hide

Standard Bull Hide

Oakleaf Trim


Standard bullhide and American buffalo leathers. Both are superior footwear leathers. The bullhide is smoother and has a tighter grain pattern. The buffalo has a deeper grain pattern and looks more rugged. It's also about a 1/16" thicker. It's more exotic and harder to get. Either leather you choose will last a very long time. With the proper care you can expect 20 years of wear from the leather uppers.

Other than the basic moccasin which has a straight trim, we can make your moccasins with either a natural ragged feel or with a finished design. Additional charges are added to the basic price according to the height (number of buttons), style (trim and top treatment), buttons and sole you choose.


Whatever style of moccasin you choose, you may opt for a one or more layers of leather called "underlays". Also available are Catskill Mountain Moccasins' "Signature designs." These designs are the unique creations of our artisans and include, but are not limited to, beadwork, stone inlays, leather carvings, elaborate imagery and exotic materials such as snakeskin, alligator hide, lizard or ostrich . Of course, you may want to design your own trim in which case we are here and ready to help you.


The tops of your moccasins can be finished in a variety of ways. Welting, either along the top edge or on all exposed edges are available in deerskin or lambskin. Topflaps can have a natural or straight edge and generally cover the top 2 or 3 buttons of your moccasin. They are available in deerskin only. Welting and topflaps are available with either style moccasin.


There are two kinds of tabs. Our standard tab, a five- or six-stitched triangular tab, or natural tabs , which are also available with a natural underlay. Either style is equally durable. You can mix and match natural tabs with a finished moccasin and vice versa.

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